Happiness isn't waiting for you when you get "there" it's in you right now + I will teach you how to pull it out.

Sharing my story of losing over 100 pounds twice, and how ultimately, weight loss was not the solution to creating the happiness I was seeking in my life.  Through real-life advice I will help you find joy in the journey and approach your weight loss from a perspective of peace + love.


My Story of Losing 100 Pounds Twice

Importance of Mindset Shifts

Overcoming Food Fear

Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Finding Movement You Enjoy

Ditching the Motivation for Self-Discipline

Creating Habits + Routines

Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

Home + Gym  Workout Routine

Self-Awareness Journaling Worksheets


Meet the miserable Jessica, circa 2011. 

In the middle of re-gaining the entire 100+ pounds I lost through extreme restriction + over exercising.

I couldn't continue living this way...

In 2016 hit an all time low in my life.  I was binge eating multiple times a week, eating thousands upon thousands of calories in one sitting, hiding food from my husband, lying about having eaten, then starving myself and over exercising to make up for my binges - I was miserable.  I reached a place in my life where I truly had to question what was going on with me.  I started my weight loss journey to get healthy (+ yes, get "skinny") and yet here I was, down over 100 pounds, and more miserable and full of shame than I'd ever been - something had to give. 

The strongest, healthiest + happiest version of Jessica I've ever been and I know, it's only getting better from here.

I struggled with my weight my entire life.  I graduated high school at 225 pounds and when I moved out of my childhood home at 18, went away to college + realized I had true "freedom" around my food choices, my weight spiraled out of control.  I was able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted with no judgment from my family.  I quickly found myself in my early 20's at nearly 300 pounds.  To make a long story short, I lost 100 pounds through extreme restriction + over exercising in about 9 months.  In less than a year, I'd gained every single pound back, and some.  I was miserable in my body, binge eating regularly and couldn't get control of my life.


I lost the weight yet again, but still struggled with my mindset.  I had this idea that reaching a specific number on the scale would somehow lead me to ultimate happiness, that I would immediately love the body I lived in + life would be perfect.  If you think this is the case for yourself too, I hate to tell you sis, but losing that weight isn't going to make you a happier person.  It isn't going to fix the problems you're facing and it surely isn't going to make life perfect.

Meet Jessica, circa 2016.  One of my lowest days on this journey, struggling with extreme binge eating, followed by extreme restriction.  A cycle I thought I'd never break free from.

I soon realized my body + my weight weren't the problem, my mindset was. 

 I've spent the last 3 years  healing my relationship with food and fixing the limiting beliefs I had acquired and created throughout my lifetime.  I'm now over two years binge free, maintaining over 100 pounds of weight loss and living a happier and more fulfilling life than I truly ever dreamed possible for myself. 

I never in my life imagined this type of change would be possible for me.  I truly believed in my core, that I would struggle with my relationship with food, with my weight, with loving myself, with hating my body - for the rest of my life, but I didn't have to + neither do you.  In my 4-week Mindset Mentoring Program I will teach you the exact tools I used to create a healthy relationship with myself that has given me the true belief that I am worthy and deserving of a successful, happy and fulfilling life.  I've created a mindset that makes me want to show up for myself every single day, because I deserve it.  I deserve to live in a body that's well taken care of.  I deserve to speak to myself in a way that is uplifting and encouraging.  And my girl, so do you.